What is Toptracer?

Toptracer shows the flight path of golf balls with valuable shot data, whether in real-time tracking of televised pro tournaments or at the bay of your local range.

Toptracer Range redefines the driving range experience—from a functional training day to an exciting experience for everyone. The technology provides instant shot replays and statistical feedback on interactive game screens in your hitting bay, which allows players to make swing adjustments and immediately see the impact on their golf shot.

  • More hits, more fun
  • Cutting edge technology
  • Simple installation
  • Short game area

Play like a pro

TOPTRACER Range delivers the same ball-tracking technology that traces the shots of the best golfers on TV. This state-of-the-art technology offers you a fun, engaging, interactive experience whether you’re a seasoned player, range rivals, a group of family or friends, or even an absolute beginner.


Game and data modes

TOPTRACER Range features games and modes suited to all ages and skill levels. Take on your rivals in a long-drive competition, play ‘Closest to the Pin’ with your friends, dive into advanced analytics to fine-tune your swing, and virtually tee it up at some of the world’s greatest courses. Your range experience will never be the same.


Practice Made Perfect

The TOPTRACER Launch monitor function provides detailed analysis of your accuracy, trajectory, ball speed and distance, and displays the information instantly on a 15 inch LED screen at the front of each bay. This means you can accurately track your rate of improvement without any need for guesswork.


Target Golf Game

Bring an element of fun to your practice with the TOPTRACER target golf game. Each shot is converted into points according to distance and accuracy. Play on your own, against a friend, or in teams.


Virtual Golf Course Game


With TOPTRACER, you can now play a virtual round of golf. Choose from a selection of world-class 18-hole courses, each re-creating the sensation of the fairway and putting green, without you ever having to leave the bay. Enjoy all the excitement and drama of a real round, in a fraction of the time and in any weather!

Toptracer range games

Longest Drive

It’s time to stop the arguments once and for all – in this mode up to 8 players can compete to find out who can really hit the furthest.

Points Game

Win points in this game based on your distance to the target. You can even win bonus points by adding in air rings if you like an extra challenge.

Closest to the Pin

If you like a bit of friendly competition this game allows you to compete against friends while working on your own swing.

What's In My Bag

In this mode you’ll be encouraged to learn about the different clubs in more detail in order to finely tune your game.

Virtual Golf

This mode gives you virtual access to some of the world’s greatest golf courses. You can play a full 18-holes without even leaving the range!

Launch Monitor

Play in training mode and improve your game by tracking ball speed, launch angle, height, side deviation, landing angle, hang time and distance to target.


TOPTRACER Ball Tracking

TOPTRACER Range has revolutionised the driving range experience. This state-of-the-art technology tracks your shots just like you see on televised golf tournaments, enabling you to hone and develop your own game or compete against friends in a quick game of ‘Closest to the Pin’, or even play a full 18-hole round against your rivals, without you having to leave the range.


Free Player Evaluation

Our unique Player Evaluation system can assess your whole game of golf in just an hour, identifying and documenting both the strengths and weakness in all areas of your game and you don’t have to pay a penny.


Personalised Programmes

The resulting data from your free Player Evaluation helps us to create a detailed, personalised programme tailored to your needs and preferred learning environment.


Session Types

Individual Lessons

Family Golf Lessons

Learn Golf Lessons

Learn Golf in a Month


TOPTRACER Social Media

Download the TOPTRACER Range Community App and link to your personal profile. This will enable you to access your entire history including shot data and performance details as well as how you rank against other players on the leaderboards.